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LDU is an innovative embedded detection system able to identify the presence of human beings (and optionally of other categories of interest) within volumes of inspection configurable during installation. A special care was devoted to spot babies and children. It is based on cutting-edge AI technology coupled with 3D computer vision.

Safety, first

LDU was designed to deal with a very specific airport safety problem: the possible dangerous unnoticed or unauthorized passage of people on the conveyor belts carrying the hold baggage from the public to the secure area. The system is able to handle the presence of airport operators working close to, or intruding in, the inspection volume and is optimized to be installed on take-away conveyors, check-in desks and baggage carousels. However, thanks to its high modularity and scalability, it can also be effectively used in different applications and contexts.

The system’s brain

The LDU brain is the analysis module, an embedded system that performs all the computational tasks onboard. More modules can be used together to obtain a wider analysis area or to achieve a greater redundancy. The analysis results are communicated to an external device by means of either a TCP/IP open string-based protocol or digital IOs. An operator can log into every module through a web interface, accessible by any browser or device.

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